Shangguan Binger bite Yaoxia Chun , nhl jerseys china back the urge to beat him again , cold channel : . " Come on ," he spoke, she has begun stature , toward the distant away. Zhou Weiqing hastened their ability to release the winds changed meaning cat's eye stone beads , are light to chase. After two tandem , and soon left the barracks range. Stars all the way east along the avenue away . Shang and Zhou Weiqing Binger is not the way to talk , she knows that the best way to deal with this guy is to ignore him . Although she monstrous hatred for weeks chubby , but after a pledge , but has no intention to kill. She just kept telling myself that everything they do is for the empire . Sure enough, Shangguan Binger approach is effective, Zhou Weiqing Shangguan Binger followed around constantly tease her speak, no matter what he says, Shangguan Binger ignore him , anxious guy scratching . If his words more sensitive , Shangguan Binger on speeding up forward speed , meaning her whole body lacoste increase agility , and instantly be able to pull away , breathless chase Zhou Weiqing . From early morning until noon, more than two hour 's time , no word on Binger cheap nhl jerseys china Zhou Weiqing said, but always failed to stop. At this point r High Noon , Zhou Weiqing is Hantou heavy lapel. Continued to take more than two hour is nothing for him , the problem is to keep pace with this Shangguan wholesale nhl jerseys china , the problem may become significant. At this point, his body broken if Tianli is that if continued , exhausted , he speeds will come down , once the bane of the four outside absorb some of the energy supplement , he can once again performed Tianli winds accelerate for a while, repeating the days of exhaustion , re- acceleration process. Shangguan Binger actually very curious , she is subject to the rate has been Zhou Weiqing , Zhou Weiqing just winds increase , of course, impossible , and that she intended to increase the speed compared to the same body lacoste , but she has found that only just awakening natal beads, only four days of rehabilitation of the Zhou Weiqing , far more than her lingering days of the judgment . In particular, to more than an cheap nhl jerseys free shipping after the break if he continued the way forward if Shangguan Binger much that even more curious . This can absorb themselves immortal magic outside world , China 's ability to not jng other days of practice exercises can have. "Rest a while ." Shangguan Binger stopped to two such swift pace , take a morning time is still in the forest among the stars , you want out of this forest , but also to maintain the previous rate the evening .

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